Fieldhouse Information

As a reminder, the Multi-Purpose Facility is available for residents to utilize the four-lane track and weight room. All residents of the Western School District, Western School Corporation graduates/alumni and retirees, parents of students who are currently attending Western School Corporation, and spouses of current employees are eligible to use the facilities free of charge. A Membership Card or Valid Western Student ID is required. If you are interested in obtaining a membership card, simply come during community hours and complete a waiver. The supervisor will then take your picture and create a membership card that will be available upon your follow-up visit. Please enter through Door 27 upon visiting the Multi-Purpose Facility.

Multi-Purpose Facility Open Gym Basketball Rules

  1. Games will be played to 10 points by 1’s (for 2 pointers) and 2’s (for 3 pointers)
  2. The winner of the game remains on the court to play the next team.  Winners can remain on the court for two games before they rotate out.
  3. Students sitting out pick up and play the winners.  If more than 5 students are waiting to play, those who do not get into the next game, pickup for the next and so on until everyone has played once.
  4. All students must wear a shirt, no skins teams.  Pennies will be provided.
  5. All school rules apply.  Inappropriate behavior will be met with dismissal and loss of privileges.
  6. Players will call your own fouls.
As a reminder, students in the Multi-Purpose Facility must be supervised by their respective coaches or parent at all times.  Also, no pop, sports drinks, or food is allowed in the Multi-Purpose Facility and/or weight room (water bottles only). 

Current Muti-Purpose Facitlity Activities: