School Community Profile

Western School Corporation, which encompasses Harrison, Honey Creek, and Monroe Townships, is located in southwestern Howard County. Howard County is located 50 miles due north of Indianapolis, 130 miles southeast of Chicago, and 160 miles northwest of Cincinnati. Nearby Kokomo is the major city and serves as the county seat. A portion of Harrison Township lies within Kokomo city limits. The smaller Howard county towns of Alto, New London, Russiaville and West Middletown fall within the Western School Corporation district. Of these, Russiaville is the largest. An elected mayor governs Kokomo while Russiaville has a Town Board composed of elected officials. The Howard County Board of Commissioners governs the rural areas.

The population of Howard County is approximately 84,000. In 1995 the estimated population for the Western School Corporation district was 10,456. The majority of families in the Western School Corporation speak English with fewer than 1% speaking a language other than English at home.

According to the 1990 census statistical information, married-couple families comprise 82.6% of the population; 17.4% of the population is listed as living in families headed by a single parent. Approximately 4.5% of the families in the district are living below the poverty level. Nearly 87% of the adults in the Western School Corporation district’s population have at least a high school diploma and 19.1% have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. In 1989 the per capita income for those in the WSC district was $15,845.

Western students come from broad and diverse backgrounds. The students reside in various affluent or semi-affluent sub-divisions, small towns, farms, mobile home parks, apartment complexes, or government-subsidized housing. New housing built within the Western district includes subdivisions with homes priced from $200,000. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the several government-subsidized housing complexes. Builders continue to break ground for more housing projects for families of all income levels. This socio-economic diversity brings with it both the difficulties and perspectives that views from these diverse backgrounds can encompass.