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To Educate and Inspire Today's Students for Tomorrow's Opportunities To Educate and Inspire Today's
Students for Tomorrow's Opportunities

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Facility Use Request

Western School Corportaion allows external events and organizations access to district facilities outside of the regular school day which invole non-Western students, and/or the general public; or events which exceed normal activites.  All inner-corporation events are to be subbmitted on Western Schools "Pantherweb" where links and information are provided.  Each request goes through an approval proccess before being "activated/ approved".  Once your request is approved or denied you will be notified via email.
Mutiple buildling requests will require a request form completed for each buildling.

Facility Use Request Instructions (717 KB)

pdf Facility Use Cost and Information (15 KB)

RULES - We hereby agree to read and abide by these rules as stipulated by Auditorium: RULES AND REGULATIONS and other established policies, rules and regulations of the Western School Corporation.  These rules include:
1.    Users will assist with cleanup of any litter or mess caused by this activity.
2.    No intoxicating beverage or drugs on school property.
3.   No food or drinks will be allowed in the Auditorium or other areas as posted.
4.     User agrees to provide adequate supervision to enforce policies regarding food/drink and other regulations.
5.     Use of tobacco is prohibited on school property.   
6.    Entity making this request is responsible for any property damage or loss of equipment.
7.    Parking regulations and traffic patterns will be obeyed at all times.
8.    School employees and board members will be allowed access to the facility at all times during the scheduled event.
9.    User is responsible for security and crowd control.
10. Decorations must be fireproof shall be erected and taken down in a manner not destructive to Corporation property.
11.User may be required to present evidence of appropriate liability insurance to the limit prescribed by the Board.  
12. Charges that accrue from the use of the facility and personnel required must be paid within 30 days of the statement.

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Western School Corporation Mission Statement:
To educate and inspire today's students for tomorrow's opportunities.
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