Internet at Home



Beginning the evening of Jan 7th, students who connect their school iPad to the internet outside the school will be required to enter their network login to access web pages and internet based apps. This will allow the school to shape and distribute content that pertains to each grade level.  

How to log in:

You will find an app containing instructions on your students iPad titled “Internet at Home” before Jan 7th.. These instructions will show you how to log into the internet on the iPad.  You will find information in your Skyward Family access for your students log in information in case they need some help.  Student authentication will expire every 24 hours and will require logging in again to access web pages and web based apps.  This login does not provide internet access at home but once logged in and connected to your home WIFI or any other available WIFI source outside of school will allow us to provide grade level internet content over existing internet access.

How to find student login info:

Your students login at home will be the same as their school log in.  You can find your student login information by logging into Skyward Family Access with your parent login (if you do not know your parent login information please contact your school office).  Please view the document “Locate Student Login Info” PDF which is attached, on where to find this information in Skyward.

Locate Student Login Info PDF