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Students for Tomorrow's Opportunities

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iPad Keyboard Purchase Info

Western School Corp is working with CDWG to provide wired keyboards for students at a cost of $30.50.  

This keyboard does not require any batteries, plugs directly into the iPad charge port, and includes full sized keys.

Below is a document on how to purchase the keyboards.  Transactions made are between the purchaser and CDWG, any questions or concerns about the purchase are to be communicated with CDWG.


Keyboard Purchase Instructions

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Internet at Home



Beginning the evening of Jan 7th, students who connect their school iPad to the internet outside the school will be required to enter their network login to access web pages and internet based apps. This will allow the school to shape and distribute content that pertains to each grade level.  

How to log in:

You will find an app containing instructions on your students iPad titled “Internet at Home” before Jan 7th.. These instructions will show you how to log into the internet on the iPad.  You will find information in your Skyward Family access for your students log in information in case they need some help.  Student authentication will expire every 24 hours and will require logging in again to access web pages and web based apps.  This login does not provide internet access at home but once logged in and connected to your home WIFI or any other available WIFI source outside of school will allow us to provide grade level internet content over existing internet access.

How to find student login info:

Your students login at home will be the same as their school log in.  You can find your student login information by logging into Skyward Family Access with your parent login (if you do not know your parent login information please contact your school office).  Please view the document “Locate Student Login Info” PDF which is attached, on where to find this information in Skyward.

Locate Student Login Info PDF

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1:1 iPad Technology Information

Western School Corporation 
1:1 iPad Technology Information

Western school corporation will continue to use Pads in grades K-12 for the next four years. The new 2017 updated iPad will give students and staff more features and more functionality. Along with the new features we as a district felt it was necessary to stay consistent for students and staff while giving them updated functionality.

Hearing common requests throughout the selection process such as keyboards, the need for more iPad storage, smaller footprint, more classroom manageability, and multitasking we felt the model selected will help resolve concerns while still moving forward.

Below are some of the new iPad features and functions:
  • Faster processor
  • Lighter / Smaller
  • 10 hour battery life (similar to last one)
  • 32GB of storage (2x more than last one)
  • Multitasking (two screens open at one time)
  • Higher screen resolution
  • Newer and smaller case design
  • K-12 will have same model
More information about the new model can be found at

Included with the features above we will be purchasing sets of keyboards for each building for classroom use and we are working with to extend pricing of the keyboards to parents at an educational discounted rate, more information on how to purchase a keyboard will be shared once finalized.

Another exciting feature Apple has released is Apple Classroom.  Classroom allows teachers to monitor students ipad screens, lock students into apps or webpages, blackout the screen, send the entire class a document, and other management features that will improve and streamline instruction in the classroom.

Parent information:

Western Middle School will be hosting an Internet Safety convocation presented by the Indiana State Police on Friday, Aug 25th for the student body during the school day.  The ISP will also be hosting an evening session on Aug 25th for parents on Internet Safety.  This outstanding convocation opens eyes on internet safety and how to keep yourself safe.

Please click here for FAQ regarding the iPad 1:1.  This is a refresh year and the following device will be K-12 

The following are support links for the iPad's that Western School Corporation will use for 1:1.

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Western School Corporation Mission Statement:
To educate and inspire today's students for tomorrow's opportunities.
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